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The academic year of the year 2018 was put into gear by an auspicious opening ceremony. As is the aesthetic fact, what begins well shall in due time end well. The school opened with all colors of hope and an expectant note of anticipation on the 13th of June, 2018- a very fine day. Mrs. Shabana Rafi (Principal), Mr. Shamsudheen Kunnambath (Project Director), Dr. Hilal Ayiroor (Vice Chairman) and Mr Thoufeeq Rahman Vazhakkat (Secretary) attended the program and filled the event with their thoughts, values and hopes for the year that was ready to unfold before them.

In the hazy dewiness of the morning light and in the gentle blanket of the night’s stars, a mind learn to dream in colors. On the world primary colors day, the 18th of June 2018, a bunch of colorful minded young minds came together and recognized in the vibrancy and the mind numbing depth of its implications the profoundness of the primary colors. Accompanied by the texture and the tranquilizing beauty of the colors and their blending, the children left with colorful hands that seemed to beautifully reflect their thoughts. The Montessori section not only had a good time with the hues but learned during their play about how they were different from one another and yet how perfectly they could come together and create an even optically soothing shade.

On the 21st of June, 2018, the school came together to unravel the significance of one of the most sought after meditative techniques, brimming in its health benefits. Held at the school auditorium, the students’ opened their minds to the deeply interconnected web of social, mental and physical well-being and serenity which is the age old practice and manifest of Yoga. Mr. Santhosh (Yoga expert) enlightened the minds about how yoga was a holistic path to health and discussed its pros in an admirable fashion.

The 30th of June 2018 saw to it that the budding minds of the graduates were rewarded on the accomplishment of another year at SEED. The quality educations were remarkably apparent and the young graduates looked insuperable in their convocation gowns and caps. Their joy not only represented the mere happiness of cheer but rather hidden in their shining eyes were all the memories and wisdom they had gained in the previous academic year and the past lurked behind their minds, smiling victoriously at all that they were then.
The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Shamsudheen Kunnambath (Project Director), Mr. Aboobacker Madappad (Chairman, Seed Global School), Adv. M.K.Sakeer (Hon. Chairman Kerala Public Service Commission), Dr Ashok D’cruz (AssistantProfessor, Malayalam University), Prof.V.K. Baby (Academic Director, Seed Global School). The overwhelming meaning and importance of the event was impossible to omit from all hindsight. The hearts were truly happier and lighter than the graduation caps thrown in the air, a symbol of freedom and success.

The very first field trip of the Montessori school was to Beeyam Park on the 4th of august, 2018. The children ran about in joy, the wind in their hair and the curious little world untamed and wild in their hopeful hands. The sun shined bright in the students’ bright little minds as they ignited their minds with questions, shaking nature awake from its friendly lull while they demanded answers for everything they didn’t know they were asking. They took turns playing in the swings, slides and the see-saws and their shrill cries of thrill were songs of hope and doubts fulfilled. It was perfect success story as the students were learning by doing, the purport behind the field trip right from the very beginning.

In the wake of the tragic Kerala floods the school knew it had to reassure and rebuild the spirits of the shocked and calloused minds. They were to learn, as young as they were, the temporariness of the world they lived in and thereby to embrace in their vulnerability. One of the many heroes who risked his own precious life to rescue others, Mr. Jaisal K.P, a remarkable young fisherman was invited for an appraisal. It was important that a kind soul like his must be recognized and praised for its instincts. The children needed to know that it was indeed better to be kind, even if being so would cost a lot.
The ceremony was conducted with grace all thanks to the presence and the seize less support of Mr. Thoufeeq Rahman Vazhakkat, Dr. Hilal Ayiroor, Adv. E.Sindhu (President, Maranchery Gramapanchayat), Mr. shamsudheen Kunnambath.
The Safari group handed over a cheque of Fifty Thousand Rupees to Mr. Jaisal K.P, as a form of physical expression of the gratitude that all the multitude of Kerala held in their hearts. This was besides the voluminous gifts that the various departments had lovingly arranged.

Despite the fact that to recollect the flood would be a depressing process, the bad times have to be remembered. The past could be a locked door but its significance is in its lesson and some lessons are more painful than others. Strangely, the more painful lessons leave on you a deeper mark and hence make you stronger. As the saying goes, ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ the flood has undeniably strengthened our minds in the unity we found in fear and the resulting pandemonium. So, it was in due purpose that the programme‘ Reminiscence of Flood was organized following the ‘Ark of Hope’.
Mr. Akbar Arakkal (Coordinator of the Emergency Wing of Qatar Petroleum) conducted an interactive session on reminiscence. He shared valuable knowledge with the students and briefly explained the preparatory methods and the stigmas regarding shockretrieval.

On the 6th of August, 2018, the school came together to remember yet another tragedy. The day the whole world watched in shock as the fight had crossed the transparent line of humanity. It is painful to evoke a chaotic memory as such. In the history of the world’s brutal bloodsheds, this day shall forever remain in the front page. The students stood together and to spell out ‘No more wars’. A beautiful message portrayed in a beautiful manner. The event was formally inaugurated by Mr. Shamsudheen Kunnambath and Abban Abdullah (Younger student in Seed Global School). The primary students brought to the event certain liveliness with an attractive skit. The frightening aspect of the progress of the human mind was conveyed and imparted to all the young minds assembled and its implications discussed.

The students wore in their minds a burning blazer of how proud they were to be an Indian as they watched the tricolored flag soar above them, lifting in the winds. On the 15th of August, 2018, the Independence Day of India was celebrated patriotically, the students leading the program in their innocent pride and excitement. The 72nd Independence was celebrated in glee by the children, unified in their pride in being a part of a country like no other.


A degree of communication is required in every profession, and communication skills are necessary at even the most preliminary stages of career growth. It’s a serious and prevalent opinion that Public Speaking skills, is an inter-play of thoughts and imagination put forward to the audience in a captivating manner. A few right words, spoken with authority and sincerity can make all the difference in the world.
English language development i enhance students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. The department provides a unique learning experience for talented students to explore them. Beyond the classroom, the English department hosts SEED Talk Show. SEED Talk Show aims to inspire others to invest in their children’s self-knowledge, experience and learning and to present them to the community through better presentation. We empower our students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a world that is changing fast. When communication is effective, both the student and the teacher benefit. Communication makes learning easier, helps students achieve goals, increases opportunities for expanded learning, strengthens the connection between student and teacher, and creates an overall positive experience.

We ensure that every student make use our library facility in a much effective way. This is interspersed with specific related tasks which ultimately culminate into a literary week. This helps students gain the ability to grasp text better and respond appropriately.