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When families are involved in the education of their children in positive ways, the children who maximize their untapped potential are more regular to school and demonstrate positive attitude and behavior. The foundation for a good parent-teacher relationship is frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child. To enhance parent-teacher relationship, we conduct regular parent orientation session involving eminent personalities. Motivational programs are often conducted for students, teachers and parents to bring out the best in them. We are a group of people, who share a dream. A dream of a developed India. An India, free of poverty and illiteracy. An India which realizes its full potential in every domain. At present this is not happening in India. Beyond the books and laboratories, we strive to create the real human beings who will make everybody from their parents to the nation rulers fill their eyes out of joy watching them groom, excel and dominate the world in terms of morality, quality and potentiality which, we believe, are the outcome of education. There is a lot of work to be done if these dream are to be achieved within an acceptable time frame. Many of us are still apathetic to the needs of the poor. This apathy and obliviousness to all social evils takes us nowhere. If we are to achieve this dream, we have to act. SEED Global School has been formed keeping Indian professionals in mind. We strongly believe that India’s future lies in the hands of youth and the professionals. We trust that education is the key in securing the future of today’s children. So, our focus area is the education of the underprivileged in the country.

Giving our students an early start through NextGen Learning is our way of giving them an early start to understand and adopt key disciplines of the 21st century. Our future-ready programme includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning.

Effective teacher training and professional development is important for student achievement. Teacher learning is a continuous process that promotes teacher’s teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency, which in turn help improve students’ learning. All teachers undergo regular training programs in our school in order to ensure an institute of excellence in education.
We aim for transformational learning – not simply the transfer of information from one generation to the next, but rather the exciting work of helping students get themselves ready for success in a rapidly changing world: celebrating the effective learners, confident individuals, and