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SEED Smile

SEED Smile is a common platform for the SEED Montessori students and Montessori training aspirants. It is a five/six year integrated programme for the students and one year training programme for the training aspirants. It includes four parts:

* Pre-Primary Montessori (4-6 years)
* Primary Montessori (6-9 years)
* SMART Teachers Training Institute (Affiliated with WINSTUD)

This period (4-9 years) observes that a child undergoes physical and psychological development. So, the class group is integrated to a mixed age group system. This promotes socialization and mutual respect. Each class consists of two Montessori directresses and every material in the class room support an aspect of child development and curiosity generation. Our emphasis lies in giving students fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as providing numeracy skills through maths in a fun and interesting manner. Our individualistic focus has resulted in our students being fast and eager learners from a young age. It focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. The Montessori Program is concept-driven and has inquiry based learning at the heart. Inquiry is essentially exploring, wondering, questioning, experimenting, researching and elaborating on solutions to problems. It involves the synthesis, analysis and manipulation of knowledge.

For the intellectual, emotional, physical, social & moral development, we are providing the following facilities:

* Spacious, open, tidy and pleasing environment
* Individual attention
* Freedom of choice
* Child-centered learning
* Self-disciplined atmosphere
* Hands on learning & Collaborative play method
* Self-directed activities
* Highly trained teachers
* Secular nature
* Good communication skills
* Sports and games
* Self-expression days
* Field trips, Celebrations
* General knowledge hub
* Bunnies for Pre primary

We recognise that every child is different. Our Thematic Learning methodology aims to keep the individuality of students in mind along with creating interactive activities for them at school. All these activities are aimed at nurturing the student’s inherent personalities as well as helping their intellectual capacities grow in a steady manner.

1.Pre Primary Montessori (Divided into five areas):
* Exercise of practical life (EPL)
* Sensorial
* Language
* Mathematics
* Cultural

2.Primary Montessori (Divided as following subjects):
* English
* Hindi
* Malayalam
* Arabic
* Arithmetic
* Geometry
* Zoology
* Botany
* Physics
* Chemistry
* History
* Geography

3.Additional trainings:
* Moral & Value education
* Language labs
* Art & Craft
* Dance
* Karate

SEED Smart

Montessori teachers have an important role to play in a child’s early education. The teacher is called the ‘Directress’ where her function is to act as the designer of the environment, resource person, demonstrator and role model. SEED provides Montessori/ Pre – Primary Teacher Training for women staffs in a self-financing centre called SMART (SEED Montessori and Research Training).

Minimum qualification – +2 pass, but most preferable to Graduates, Post Graduates, with good English communication skill.

Only limited number of students are admitted in a single batch and facilitates practical training in SEED campus. Our passed out trainees will be offered a chance to work in SEED Global School on their dependence.

We aim to create a group of excellent and devoted teachers to contribute their knowledge, skills and talents nourishing socially acceptable generation.


Senior Secondary or Higher Secondary is a decisive face in a student’s life. SEED ACT (SEED Academy for Career Transformation) is a novel guide, as it provides the most conclusive answers for the queries of a Higher Secondary student of the present generation. The Academy goes far beyond traditional higher secondary curricula and provides them with a unique platform where they can achieve their career dreams and objectives.

SEED ACT intends to nurture 150 students at the higher secondary level to help them get admission to the Institutions of National Importance of their choice after the completion of Plus two. In the process, students will be equipped with desired skills, abilities, and competency to face the challenges of the present Fourth Industrial Revolution. 50 students are admitted each to Science, Commerce and Humanities streams through SEED Excellence Entrance Test (SEET) to be conducted every year.